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Can Drivers Take a Defensive Driving Online Course Texas for Work Zone Tickets?  

Speeding through a work zone increases the risk of hitting construction workers, potentially causing serious injuries or fatalities. TxDOT officials in El Paso are reminding residents about the importance of obeying speed signs in these zones in order to lower this risk, especially since more construction is expected in the city. Drivers who are cited for [...]

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Are You Practicing Safe and Defensive Driving?

When asked, most people will say that they feel they are safe drivers, however, when asked do you practice safe and defensive driving, they usually will just stare at you. The fact is, the majority of the drivers on the road today do not even know or understand what defensive driving is all about. Do [...]

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Top 10 Reasons Why Traffic Accidents Occur

Accidents occur every day and for a variety of reasons. You may think you know the top ten reasons why traffic accidents occur, however, you might be surprised by what you learn – In need of safety training? Visit our Texas online driver safety course. It is no surprise that the number one reason why [...]

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Important Information on Traffic Tickets for Texas Drivers

Getting a traffic ticket in Texas can have consequences ranging from paying a small fine to landing in jail for more serious offenses, such as driving while intoxicated. For more common offenses, such as speeding or running a red light, successfully completing a Texas drivers safety course can allow you to have your ticket dismissed. [...]

The Pros of Taking an Online Driving Course

There are many great reasons to consider taking an online defensive driving course – or any online driving course. In fact, once you take one, you’ll wonder why on earth anyone would do it any other way. These are just a few of the benefits: Convenient                              Unlike traditional courses that meet on certain days and [...]

Texas Laws Designed to Protect Auto Safety

The great state of Texas has many laws in place designed to protect the people who call it home. It is important to follow these laws or you risk fines, suspension of your license, and harsher penalties, including jail time. Below are some of the laws you may not be aware of. Consider attending a [...]