Accidents occur every day and for a variety of reasons. You may think you know the top ten reasons why traffic accidents occur, however, you might be surprised by what you learn – In need of safety training? Visit our Texas online driver safety course.

  1. It is no surprise that the number one reason why accidents occur is distracted driving. With all of the technology today, allowing everyone to stay connected no matter where they are, it is no surprise that this technology found its way into the vehicle. Whether the driver is texting, eating food, or talking on cell phone, these distractions account for the majority of accidents on the road today.
  2. You might have guessed speeding as one of the top ten reasons for accidents, and you would be right. Many drivers today ignore the posted speed limits and often times drive 10, 20, and even 30 miles over the speed limit.
  3. While drunk driving has decreased, it is still a top reason for accidents. Drivers’ inability to focus and function properly behind the wheel can be very dangerous for not only the driver, but others on the road as well.
  4. Reckless driving causes many accidents, many which are fatal. Reckless drivers often speed, change lanes too quickly without proper signaling, tailgate, and more. These drivers are often impatient and are too aggressive on the road.
  5. Weather is often the culprit in an accident. Rain, snow, and ice can all play a part when it comes to handling your vehicle. Many drivers do not understand how to handle their vehicle during inclement weather.
  6. Many local accidents are caused by a driver running a red light. So many people are in a hurry or not paying attention while driving and will run a light. These accidents often are fatal, therefore caution should be used at all lights.
  7. Similar to running a red light, drivers will often run a stop sign. For the same reasons, these accidents are often serious and even fatal. Always look before proceeding through a stop sign.
  8. Unfortunately, teen drivers are one of the top reasons for car accidents. They often get lazy in their driving skills and will cause an accident. Not to mention that they are often distracted while driving for a variety of reasons.
  9. Driving at night is difficult for many, which is the cause of many accidents. You are taught in defensive driving to look ahead and plan or anticipate what is to come. At night this is difficult for many who cannot see properly, which can cause more accidents.
  10. Defects in vehicles is also a top ten cause of accidents. While many vehicle manufactures take every precaution to prevent defects, it does happen. You should always stay abreast of any recalls or defects in your vehicle and get those fixed as soon as possible.